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Kuśnierska 14A - doskonałe miejsce do zamieszkania z rodziną

Intimate investment .. thoughtful design

As part of the KUŚNIERSKA 14A investment, 13 unique apartments with area from 41 to 67 m2. Each of the apartments has been carefully designed Yes to ensure functionality, ease of arrangement and allow maximum daylight sunshine. Future residents of the building will be able to rejoice home gardens or spacious balconies-terraces. Each of them The apartments have been fitted with window above the standard size. Inhabitants will they had 16 parking spaces at their disposal, including 6 located in garages built-in with the possibility of charging electric cars and the room down bicycle storage.

Number of apartments: 13

Number of parking spaces: 16

Area: Od 41 do 67 m2

Price: od 6900 zł

Kuśnierska 14A - nowoczesna architekura

Timeless architecture

Kuśnierska 14A - przemyślany rozkład

Matched metrics

Kuśnierska 14A - miejsca dla rowerów

Place for bicycles

Kuśnierska 14A - miejsca garażowe

6 garages

Kuśnierska 14A - przestrzenne ogrody

Spacious gardens

Kuśnierska 14A - duże okna

Three-pane windows

Kuśnierska 14A - przestronne balkony

Spacious balconies

Kuśnierska 14A - doskonałe nasłonecznienie

Perfect insolation

Kuśnierska 14A - ładowanie elektryczne

Ability to charge electric vehicles

Perfectly situated


The investment is located in the very center of the Obłuże district providing excellent access to local commercial and service facilities, utilities the public and educational institutions. The proximity of Kwiatkowski flyover access to the Tricity Beltway ensuring fast and comfortable communication with the whole agglomeration. Thanks to the proximity of public transport stops located literally „one step” from our investment residents will be able to move without having to use a car. In addition, they appeared in the near future an execution of the SKM line with a stop about 1 km away;

Thanks to its location, enjoy amazing recreational spaces such as the forest, ENaża na Babich Dołach, Bulwar Oksywski, Rewa or the center of Gdynia will become everyday life for you ...

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